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Garrett GTI 1500 Metal Detector


Customer Reviews

 I have tried several metal detectors over a few years, my boy loves to go down to the beach and look for treasure, as he calls it. I decided to buy him another detector for Christmas. Forget about all the others this is far better, better build, better detection, and so simple to use. I would recommend anyone to spend the extra money and buy one of these garrets. You may find yourself getting hooked on the pastime and if you don't you'll probably get your money back as they really hold their price second hand.
David Goodall.

Manufacturers Description & Specifications

Although the Garrett 1500 is simple enough for a beginner, it is deliberately aimed at the more experienced enthusiast. 

Large LCD target ID and settings meter
  * Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA) and Graphic Target Imaging (GTI)

   *  Discrimination accept/reject notch with Tone ID
   *  Sensitivity, Threshold, Discrimination and Ground Balance controls
   *  target Pinpointing and Depth features
   *  PowerMaster Circuitry
   *  Clear tone speaker and headphone socket
   *  Hip mountable battery pack
   *  Touchpad opreation
   *  Interchangeable accessory coils.

    Microprocessor controlled automatic silent search technology
    Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    Operating frequency 7.2kHz
    Operates for approximately 25 - 30 hours on 4 x AA batteries
    Comfortable Arm Saver stem
    Adjustable length between 40" and 51"
    Weight 1.9kg
    2 year warrant

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