Garrett GTP 1350 Metal Detector Review


Garrett GTP 1350 Metal Detector


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Great little machine and simple to use. I suggest using one for experience for a year. Then perhaps go upwards in price
Mrs T Tack..
Manufacturers Description & Specifications

The powerful Graphic Target Profiling (GTP) 1350 detector is crammed with many of the same features and technology found in the GTI series, and is the only detector in its class and price range to identify the size of a target (small, medium and large). With this new size information you can spend m,ore time digging good targets and less time wasted digging bad targets. The GTP 1350 comes with the new 7" x 10" PROformance elliptical coil which helps you search deeper and cover more ground per sweep than with traditional coils. The GTP 1350 is the highest preforming, deepest seeking and most advanced metal detector of its kind. if your a serious detectorist, you need the GTP 1350.
   *  Large LCD target ID and settings meter
   *  Graphic Target Profiling (GTP)
   *  Discrimination accept/reject notch
   *  Sensitivity, Threshold and discrimination controls
   *  target Pinpointing and Depth features
   *  Clear tone speaker and headphone socket
   *  Hip mountable battery pack
   * Touchpad opreation
   *  Interchangeable accessory coils.

      Microprocessor controlled automatic silent search technology
      Operating frequency 7.2kHz
      Operates for approximately 25 - 30 hours on 4 x AA batteries
      Comfortable Arm Saver stem
      Adjustable length between 40" and 51"
      Weight 1.9kg
       2 year warranty 

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