Garrett Sea Hunter MKII Metal Detector Review


Garrett Sea Hunter MKII Metal Detector


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Find more rings and less rubbish with the Sea Hunter Mark II. The Mark II boasts a unique, groundbreaking technology in the form of a patented Discrete Trash Elimination mode that discriminates unlike any conventional pulse induction (PI) detector. Avoiding rubbish at the expense of valuable targets has long been a problem of conventional PI detectors. But now, thanks to the microprocessor-driven, Sea Hunter Mark II, you can exclude rubbish items from detection with little or no effect on targets with a similar conductivity.
This sophisticated detector boasts an enhanced discrimination mode, in addition to a standard one, which enables it to differentiate between targets precisely. Simply switch on the Sea Hunter II's Discrete Trash Elimination mode, set the dial to eliminate ring pulls and you'll still receive signals from most thin gold rings.
This unique search mode helps you to zero in on finds without digging up a lot of rubbish.
  • Microprosessor controlled surface mount PC board technology
  • All metal deepseeking mode
  • Adjustable Audio Threshold
  • Audio Tone ID
  • Discrimination Full range (Pi)
  • Salt Elimination Mode (Pi)
  • Sensitivity/Depth control
  • Integral waterproof headphones
  • Hip mountable.

    Waterproof to 200 feet
    Multiple Frequency Technology
    Independantly sealed battery compartment
    Search modes, Nnon Motion All Metal, Standard Pi Disc, Descrete Pi Disc
    Length: 28" to 52" adjustable
    Weight: 2.6kgs
    Operates on 8 x AA batteries.

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