How to Metal Detect

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You can come accross some amazing things while metal detecting! It's an incredible hobby, which is full of surpises and unexpected things!


  1. Finding a good spot can be very difficult. You can metal detect in fields or at sea. The choice is up to you, but you will need a special type of metal detector if you search at sea.
  2. Always ask permission before detecting on private land.
  3. Follow the Country Code. Respect farmland and livestock and disturb the land as little as possible when you extract finds.
  4. Report any finds of historic, valuable or lethal objects to the landowner and the police.
  5. Avoid archaeological sites, because it is illegal to use a detector on scheduled ancient monuments.


  • Your local area is the best place to start detecting, becuase you are more familiar with the land and people.
  • Ask the landowner if anyone else has ever searched the land before. If they have, they've probably already taken all the good stuff.

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